We're experts in consulting and training on financial processes, payroll processes and database integration for municipalities, schools, and non-profit organizations using the Tyler Technologies MUNIS software.

With over a decade of coast to coast, in-the-trenches experience and knowledge in professional services, implementations, analysis, training, and best practices. Municipal Software Solutions is your go-to source for making the most of your software investment.
Who We Are
What We Deliver
Municipal Software Solutions delivers quality – be it training, in-depth analysis, or expert review of existing financial or payroll data. We offer one-on-one analysis, group training, and workshops to determine best practices that meet your needs. We can help you integrate the MUNIS modules within your product suite, maximizing your investment, improving day-to-day operations, changing the adjective from reactive to proactive.
Knowledge Transfer for Productivity
Are you making the most of your software and personnel assets? Do you sense efficiencies are possible or have you inherited unproductive processes, but you don’t know where to begin to fix them? You’re not alone and Municipal Software Solutions can help. With years of experience helping dozens of clients, we can identify your problems, offer solutions, and educate you and your team.

The key to enhancing your productivity is transferring our advanced knowledge of MUNIS database integration and MUNIS processes to you, along with the implementation of best business practices that meet your needs.

Our Philosophy
Simple: We impart our knowledge to you so you can execute best business practices. Municipal Software Solutions delivers superior customer service with timeliness and responsiveness. Excellent results are guaranteed. Just ask our clients
The Benefits To You

  • Determine if your data is meeting your needs
  • Determine your best business practices
  • Discover how your database is integrated
  • Uncover Fraud, Is it happening to you?


  • Customized training for all MUNIS applications
  • Basic & Advanced Knowledge Transfer
  • Standard Imports and Exports
  • Interfacing with third party products


  • Role Based Security & Menu Restrictions
  • Workflow

How We Work
Choose from our list of services on an as-needed basis. Our standard rate is $125 per hour with a four-hour minimum.

Also available is a package of services, negotiable and based on an agreed-upon scope of services to be provided.

Long-term contracts can also be established, comprised of bundles service hours. Savings of up to 20% can be achieved with this package.

How To Get Started
Contact Municipal Software Solutions and receive a free initial consultation on how to improve your business solutions.

Call us at 207-415-5120 or email us at: